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Recommended for one person.

  • 1 delivery & pick up/week
  • Rent 5 items/week
  • Wear and tear inspection
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$75/month for first 2 months

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  • Rent 25 items/week
  • Wear and tear inspection +  environmental impact report
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$345/month for first 2 months

$405/month after

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  • Custom color, logo, embroidery
  • Dedicated relationship manager
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Currently available in select US states. Sign up to request our service in your area.

All Memberships Include

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Find Your Fit

Our team will help you find the right size. But each membership includes one Free Fit Do-Over, just in case.

Free Pick Up & Deliveries

Select a time of delivery + pick up that works for you and your team. We will take care of the rest.

Superior Hygiene

Each item is cleaned, folded, and packaged in a biodegradable bag ready for use.

Quality Check

Items are inspected for wear and tear after every wash. We also closely monitor the number of washes, so items are never overused.

Zero-waste Recycling

End of life items are recycled into power in the most sustainable way. Carbon footprint reports are provided for the clinic plans. 

On-the-go Management

Oversee all AmorSui PPE from your desktop or through our mobile application. 

How it Works

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Order & Customize

Choose from our curated selection of available gowns and lab jackets in sizes that will fit your staff.

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Pick Up and Delivery

Schedule a time of delivery and pick up that works with your practice.

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Get Ready to Love your PPE

Wear a clean, modern gown or lab jacket. Communicate your clinic's environmental impact to impress your customers and save money.

AmorSui Viridi® Circular PPE Platform

Sustainability is not easy, but it is the smart and right thing to do. That is why AmorSui created a circular sustainability process that is super easy for you. We call this platform Viridi, or "green" in Latin. When you choose reusables, you reduce waste and waste costs! With Viridi, you make a positive impact on the environment, help society, and reduce your costs from plastic waste processing. Take action and download our app today!

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