The Story of AmorSui

AmorSui was created from one woman’s passion and purpose to create personal protective equipment that actually put the needs of the wearers first. Our founder – Ph.D. chemist Beau Wangtrakuldee – was working on developing a new anti-cancer drug when she was badly burned in a chemical spill. Although she was wearing what was considered proper PPE, the chemicals burned straight through her lab coat and onto her leg.

Beau’s experience inspired her to find professional lab attire that really protected medical and laboratory professionals from exposure to safety hazards. She found that traditional PPE was ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and unprofessional-looking, not to mention unsustainable, made from non-recyclable, and single-use plastics.

Determined to make sure no one would ever have to risk their safety while doing what they love, Beau brought together scientists, fashion designers, and textile experts to overcome the toughest challenges in PPE. Together, AmorSui PPE combines quality standards, inclusivity, sustainability, and ease of procurement to offer safety without compromise.

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"Modern PPE Done Right"

When PPE Does Not Protect: Enter AmorSui


AmorSui comes from a Latin word meaning “self-love.” We believe it all starts with loving yourself, and by doing so you end up being able to spread your love with others. We deliver safety and style for you to move through life with ease under pressure.

 Our ultimate goal is for you to do more to love and care for patients and those around you. To us, that means…

Health and Safety Above the Bottom Line

We care about you so you can care for others, change the formula, and rewrite the rules. Our collection of design-led PPE offers all levels of protection - from basic care to level 3 or higher, so you can feel great while staying protected at all costs.

Level 1 PPE protects you against small amounts of bodily fluids. Our line of fluid-resistant PPE has been laboratory-tested for stylish navigation of busy private practices, dental care, basic care, outpatient settings, standard practices, and ease of mind - for you and your patients.

AmorSui’s Level 2 PPE will keep you comfortable handling larger amounts of fluid splatter and soaking. Keep calm and carry on, whether you are doing blood draw, suturing, seeing patients in the ICU, or experimenting in a pathology lab.

Made to handle tough situations alongside you in the emergency room and trauma centers, whether it is an arterial blood draw or inserting an IV, level 3 PPE from AmorSui have got you covered. We know you have lots of things to worry about, but your safety should not be one of them.

Protecting You and the Planet

We’ve been there. We know that long days of putting others at ease, while risking our personal safety, doesn’t always feel like what we signed up for. Safety should not come with compromises, whether it is your style, comfort, convenience, or sustainability.

That’s why we offer premium reusable gowns and lab jackets with custom PPE designs available in three different membership plans. Choose from a selection of colors, logo prints, embroidery, and support services. Our sophisticated, sustainable PPE and solutions are designed to empower you and enable your personal impact.

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For One and For All

Diversity elevates performance. Fact.

We prioritize more than one and certainly for all as our commitment to your safety and the entire PPE industry, no matter your gender, race, size, shape, or style preferences. From the fire-resistant Rufaida™ PPE Hijab for the poised hijabi women in STEM and healthcare professions, to gender-inclusive products such as facemasks, antimicrobial gloves, flame-resistant clothing, fluid-resistant protective gear, and OSHA personal protective equipment made and sourced by vendors and manufacturers who are women-founded or minority-led businesses within the tri-state (PA, NY, NJ) region.

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CEO Beau Wangtrakuldee

"No one should be risking their health and safety at work because of inadequate PPE. We believe in making safety accessible for all without any compromise to the environment."

Beau Wangtrakuldee

CEO and Founder of AmorSui

Join Us!

For safety, “Too little too late” and “if only I…” aren’t options. Join us in loving safety and paving the way for the personal protective equipment industry to deliver safety without compromise. To find our latest designs, keep an eye on our new arrivals.

Interested in partnering with us for SafewearTM that delivers safety, style, and sustainability? Contact AmorSui today!

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