Reusable & Sustainable
PPE for Hospitals

Sustainability is the responsible choice. AmorSui works hard to establish easy-to-use, 360-degree reusable gown and lab jacket programs that empower you to do the right thing. Our process requires minimal capital expenditures or no complex approvals upfront--you only start with the numbers of items you need. As your program grows, we grow with you.

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The SMART PPE with Measurable Impact

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Cost Savings

Get access to a data dashboard
that tracks cost-savings from
your reusable gown program
in real time. 

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Guaranteed Supply Chain Resilience

Increase your supply chain integrity by sourcing products made 100% in the USA from women-owned or minority-led businesses.

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Sustainability Impact

Receive real-time progress on your environmental impact. Our software tracks reduced carbon footprint, including plastics, energy, greenhouse gas, and water

AmorSui Viridi® Circular PPE Platform

Sustainability is not easy, but it is the smart and right thing to do. That is why AmorSui created a circular sustainability process that is super easy for you. We call this platform Viridi, or "green" in Latin. When you choose reusables, you reduce waste and waste costs! With Viridi, you make a positive impact on the environment, help society, and reduce your costs from plastic waste processing. Take action and download our app today!

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We piloted reusable level 2 isolation gowns at Vios Fertility Institute. For each staff during this 30-day trial period, the reusable level 2 isolation gowns are projected to save $1,313 per year, eliminate 169 lbs of solid waste, save 1,798 megajoules of energy, reduce 254 lbs of greenhouse gas, and reduce 13 gallons of water (results may vary by hospitals).

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