Setting a New Year Love Goals For 2019

Setting a New Year Love Goals For 2019

Setting a New Year Love Goals For 2019

For the past few weeks, I have been spending time with my family in Thailand. I took some time during this visit to reflect upon setting a New Year’s resolution for 2019, and what I’ve settled on can be summed up as:

“Happiness comes from acceptance.”

Whether putting yourself in a place of acceptance from your family and loved ones, or accepting who you are and what you are happy with, I have found happiness in the places with less substance and more love around me and myself.

In 2019, I will love myself more.

Beautiful Sunset at the Sunset beach in Koh Lipe, Thailand

The highlight of my trip was last week in the south of Thailand, where I spent an evening just looking at the sunset. I remember not thinking about work, life, or what was coming next, but really just focusing on being in the moment and enjoying the sunset sitting next to my husband. It was the most peaceful moment I had in all of 2018. My goal is to allow myself to have more moments like this, to just breathe and take in the beauty of the moment around me.

In 2019, I will love my family more.

Although I always say that family comes first, in practice I have always prioritized my work and career development first and foremost. It is time for me to get organized and put family on my calendar. For 2019, I want to schedule more time with my husband, really take time to talk and visit with my family, and set activities aside to do solely with my sister who is currently living with me. It is time for me to my match my actions to my priorities.

In 2019, I will love others more.

I started AmorSui because I truly believe that my product could help save the lives of millions of women in the world. Since then, I have found that there is a larger market that includes medical professionals, firefighters, and chefs among others. You have my word that my team and I will work as hard as we can to keep our integrity of bringing the best product to you and expand our brand to be more accessible in 2019.

For tips on setting your 2019 goals, I leveraged Marie Forleo’s video for inspiration. You can access it here for a two-step process of how to set yourself up for a productive and prosperous 2019.

Happy New Year 2019!

With love always,

Beau Wangtrakuldee

Founder & CEO of AmorSui


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Meet the Founder & CEO - Beau Wangtrakuldee

Beau Wangtrakuldee, former PhD chemist, was burned in a chemical spill during an experiment to create a new anticancer drug. Although she was wearing proper PPE, the toxic chemical burned right through her lab coat onto her leg. After she was unable to find proper-functioning PPE in women's sizes, Beau took the initiative to found AmorSui, to ensure that no one has to put their life on the line in ill-fitting, unprotective, and improper-working PPE.

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