Our launch is coming July 24th on iFundWomen!!

Our launch is coming July 24th on iFundWomen!!

Our launch is coming July 24th on iFundWomen!!

iFundWomen: a crowdfunding platform that supports women entrepreneurs

Our team is so excited to announce the debut launch of our chemical- and fire-resistant Chimie line on iFundWomen. Our campaign will kick off on July 24th with a limited amount of select pieces available at 50% off retail price, and will also feature a professional development program and styling tips for women in science with style.

If you are not yet on our mailing list, you should be! Sign up here and spread the love by telling all of your fellow female scientists about us too!

Some sneak peeks of the Chimie line from our first fitting. The prototype fits Anne (featured here) like a glove. Anne gave us two thumps up and was surprised at how comfortable the prototype felt, allowing her to sit nicely without any awkward fitting. This is made possible by the combined use of woven and rib knit fabrics. The woven fabric is used for the front and back panels to give the dress a classic look. The rib knit fabric is used for the side panels to provide flexibility and comfort when you have to sit or stand a the bench for long periods of time.

Side view of our chemical- and fire-resistant dress #AmorSuiClothing

Front view of our chemical- and fire-resistant dress #AmorSuiClothing

Our chemical- and fire-resistant tee and pants combination #AmorSuiClothing

We never thought we would get here this fast, but here we are! Stay tuned for our launch and more sneak peeks.

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AmorSui Clothing- Empowering and Protecting Female Scientists One Garment at A Time!




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Meet the Founder & CEO - Beau Wangtrakuldee

Beau Wangtrakuldee, former PhD chemist, was burned in a chemical spill during an experiment to create a new anticancer drug. Although she was wearing proper PPE, the toxic chemical burned right through her lab coat onto her leg. After she was unable to find proper-functioning PPE in women's sizes, Beau took the initiative to found AmorSui, to ensure that no one has to put their life on the line in ill-fitting, unprotective, and improper-working PPE.

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