Memorial Day Weekend Sneak Peeks and Updates

Memorial Day Weekend Sneak Peeks and Updates

Memorial Day Weekend Sneak Peeks and Updates

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Since our establishment in January 2018, our team has taken a huge leap towards creating a never-before-seen clothing line for female scientists- the kind that is cute, comfortable, professional, and safe. Our AM(or)Sui girls are sure to be hot, packed with confidence, and look good as hell!
Our team of 6 is continuing to grow! We made a bunch of new friends to help out with every aspect of growing our line, including launching our Kickstarter campaign in Fall 2018. Stay tuned!

Our first line is a combination of 12 pieces (tops, pants, dresses, and jacket) designed for easy mixing-and-matching. Here is a sneak peak of our fire-resistant open-back shell from the Chemie line. The front panel protects you from fire in case of an accident, while the back silk charmeuse panel offers breathability under lab coats. Pair this shell with dark pants or jeans and you are sure looking dapper at or away from your bench.

Chemie Line Coral Open Back Shell

Each piece in the Chimie and Bioleta lines will be named after a well-known woman scientist. What should we name this coral open back shell? Submit your answer in the comments below for a chance to win this top once we launch it.


AmorSui Clothing- Empowering and Protecting Female Scientists One Garment at A Time!


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Meet the Founder & CEO - Beau Wangtrakuldee

Beau Wangtrakuldee, former PhD chemist, was burned in a chemical spill during an experiment to create a new anticancer drug. Although she was wearing proper PPE, the toxic chemical burned right through her lab coat onto her leg. After she was unable to find proper-functioning PPE in women's sizes, Beau took the initiative to found AmorSui, to ensure that no one has to put their life on the line in ill-fitting, unprotective, and improper-working PPE.

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