Lab Appropriate Outfits for Any Professional Events

Lab Appropriate Outfits for Any Professional Events

Lab Appropriate Outfits for Any Professional Events
As a dynamic woman in STEM, your day comes with many different challenges from juggling your experiments in the laboratory to job interviews or networking gatherings. Our team has created a lookbook of how we would style AmorSui's products for any professional occasion, not only to show your professionalism but also to express your own personality and embrace your femininity.

Business Formal

This definite power outfit is suitable for a major presentation in front of a big crowd or important conference, or when interviewing for the dream job where you want a commanding presence. For graduates, this outfit would be suitable for interviews at management consulting firms, law firms, and big pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.


Here, we feature a DIY suit separate, pairing our own Rosalind Franklin Chemical- and Fire-Resistant Pant with a navy blazer from JCrew. The polka dot top shirt adds playful character to your outfit, keeping the look fresh and youthful while conservative. The sleek low bun, nude pumps and pearl earrings all go well with this modern classic look.

Business Professional

Are you going to a networking event where you are looking to stand out? Got a job interview where you want to showcase your creativity? Roles in marketing, medical writing, and advertising often look for people with big personalities and the ability to think outside the box. This outfit is the perfect example of how you can simply echo these attributes while being comfortable.


Start with a classic Marie Curie Chemical- and Fire-Resistant Dress and pair it with a statement blazer like this one from Vince Camuto. The tan boot pairs well with the color of the blazer, especially with black tights to ensure you are properly covered in the lab. Finish with this half up rope braid that can be easily put together to add flare to your outfit.

Business Casual

Interviewing for a role in start-up? Look no further. Here is an easy way to show that you want this job without being too over the top. This outfit works well for happy hours too, just FYI!


Wear the Marie Curie Chemical- and Fire-Resistant Dress over a colorful or bold printed blouse and tights. Use a belt to accentuate your waist. Complete with your favorite bootie, and add sparkle with diamond stud earrings.


Casual Friday anyone? While we wouldn't recommend this outfit for an interview, it is great for a designated casual day at work or a company picnic.


The Rosalind Franklin and the Dorothy Hodgkin Chemical- and Fire-Resistant combo is a must. Throw on a plaid flannel and belt it to create shape. Finish with a chic messy bun and cool white sneakers. Now you are ready to be in coolest kid in the lab or the office.


Were you inspired by our lookbook? Show us your best professional #labpoweroutfit on Instagram!


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